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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 9



Petite Fingertip Veil.  1 tier wedding veil 35" long.  This petite fingertip veil is standard cut, sheer fullness with custom cut fullness of just 25" at the comb.  The veil has a plain/cut edging, cluster of 3  rhinestones every 6" along the edge.


I had purchased a wedding veil from Occansey Designs for my June 2nd wedding and I wanted to let you know it was absolutely stunning!  The fingertip veil complimented my dress perfectly and was exactly what I wanted - simple and elegant.  Thank you again for the beautiful work!


Amanda P." 



 Waltz Veil.  1 tier wedding veil,  waltz length (52"), sheer fullness, Angel cut, silver pencil edging.  Waltz veil features a single bead spaced every 1.5" along edging -- beads along edging are alternating 4mm crystals and ivory pearls.  


Attached are some pics of my wedding veil.  I got a lot of compliments on it!  I had seen one in an "uppity" bridal salon that I fell in love with, but it was like $600.00 - No thanks!  You were able to replicate it close enough that is was exactly what I wanted, so Thank You!
Ann W." 



 Elbow veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 29" long (elbow length), standard fullness of 72", standard cut.  Veil has custom cut fullness of 54" at the top and features a satin cord edging.  

 "Thank you so much for the amazing wedding veil. It was exactly what I was looking for and I saved a bundle. I ordered a 1 Layer 29" elbow length, Ivory, Standard Cut w/ Matching Satin Cord and a 3 inch clear comb w/ Cut Fullness at the comb. Thought these 2 pics showed the elbow veil well. 




 Ankle Wedding Veil.  1 tier wedding veil 65" long.  Veil is  standard cut with sheer fullness, has custom cut fullness of just 25" at the comb.  This ankle wedding veil is attached to a  4.5" metal comb.  

" I just wanted to thank you for making the most fabulous wedding veils ever!!  My wedding veil was absolutely beautiful, simple and exactly what I was looking for.  The quality was amazing and the price was awesome!  Thank you so much :)  I attached two photos, free free to use them.  Thanks again!

Jennifer C."



Ankle Wedding Veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 67" long, sheer fullness, standard cut.  Ankle wedding veil features a plain/cut edging.

"I ordered an ankle wedding veil from you for my May wedding and just wanted to tell you how happy I was with your service and the quality of the wedding veil.  It was shipped to me SO quickly and at such a great price for a beautiful veil.  I have attached a picture of it from our wedding and just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work!


Brandi W."



Elbow veil.  1 tier wedding veil, 29" long (elbow length), sheer fullness.  Elbow veil features an angel cut and a silver pencil edging. 

"I just wanted to say thanks for saving my day. I was only a few weeks away from doing my bridal portraits and still had not purchased a bridal veil. I looked everywhere and could not find one that I liked, until I came across your web site. Not only did I find the perfect veil, but you were able to get it to me just in time for my portraits.

 Thanks so much! 

Cynthia G"



Elbow Veil.  2 tier elbow wedding veil - 24"/29", sheer fullness, standard cut.  Elbow veil features a pencil edging, lightly scattered seed beads throughout veil- getting denser towards the bottom edge with 3mm crystals mixed in along bottom.  Wedding veil is attached to a 3" comb.  

"Dear Occansey Designs,

Thank you very much for getting my elbow wedding veil made for me on such short notice in August.  It's taken me 6 months to get around to telling you, but I was absolutely thrilled with my veil!  It turned out exactly how I hoped it would and it was beautiful!
It was perfect!  Thanks so much!





Lace Wedding Veil.  1 tier wedding veil, waltz length (54"), standard fullness.  Wedding veil is mantilla cut with trimmed Shapleigh lace all the way around, attached to a 3.25" metal comb - with gathering at the top, and lace running into comb like a standard cut veil.   

"My lace wedding veil was simply perfect -- exactly what I envisioned!  I got so many compliments on it!

Thanks for everything!





Waltz Veil.  2 tier wedding veil, waltz length, 47"/ 52" long.  Veil is standard cut, standard fullness of 72" wide at the bottom with custom cut fullness of 25" at the top.  Edging of the veil is a single row of beads spaced along the edge - a repeating pattern of 2 clear bugle beads followed by 1 4mm ABCrystal.  

"Hi Kathy, 
 We are back from our amazing wedding and I thought I would share a few photos. My waltz veil was gorgeous and everyone commented on lovely it looked with my dress. Thank you so much again for your suggestions, your patience and most importantly your kindness while I tried to figure out what kind of veil  I wanted. It was the perfect accessory to make me feel like a beautiful  bride on my perfect wedding day!!

 Thanks again, 
 Melissa R." 



Drop Veil.  Drop veil with a total length of 60".  Veil has a plain/cut edging, no attachment (used hairpins to pin in place). 

"Dear OBridal,

Just wanted to share with you a picture of me in the lovely drop veil that I ordered from your site.  Turned out beautifully.  My bestfriend, who is getting married in May 2009 has asked to borrow it for her "something borrowed".  Thanks again!

Theresa M."


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