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Lace Veils: As with all of our veils, our lace veils are hand made per order.  Below are some of our most popular options.  However, we do have many laces to choose from that can be applied to any type of veil.  For lace veils we often work with clients on an individual basis. If you do not see what you are looking for in our gallery - please email us!  We will work with you to find a lace to compliment your gown - even if it's not on our site.

Lace suppliers are always changing stock and creating new laces, as well as discontinuing older laces.  Below are some laces that are "staples", meaning that we have always been able to order these for the last 10+ years.

However, we have access to an amazing variety of laces!  Mainly becuase each and every veil we make is hand made per order, so we can special order in any lace that you'd like for your wedding veil.  We have many lace suppliers online, including on Etsy, so we can find the right lace or trim that you are looking for.  And of course - if you find a lace or trim locally that you'd like to purchase and mail to us to have sewn on your veil - that is just fine as well!

If you are interested in a custom lace wedding veil - please email us ( with details of what you are looking for and we can help find just the right lace for you.

Feel free to browse one of our favorite lace suppliers at


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