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Wedding Veil Testimonials pg 12



Cathedral Lace Veil.   A Custom Cathedral Lace Wedding Veil.  Veil is ivory, regal length of 120" long, extra full (108" wide), standard cut.   Lace edging all the way around the veil using lace trimmed from TL5660BC NT52 Ivory ( ).  Wedding veil attached to a 3.25" metal comb.

"Hi Kathy!  
Hope you are well. I just wanted to drop a line and send you pics of the beautiful lace veil on 
the big day!  
Again thank you so much! It was a dream! Everyone was in love with it!





Chapel Lace Veil.  A chapel lace wedding veil, 88" long.  Veil is mantilla cut, standard fullness, and has lace 20002-01 all the way around the edging.  This lace veil was attached to a 3.25" metal comb with no gathering at the comb.  **Pictures by photographer Ryon Lockhart

"Hi Kathy, 

I just got the photos from my wedding and thought I would share some of the great shots of my lace wedding veil!

Feel free to share but also please give credit to the photographer (Ryon Lockhart) in anything you post. I'll be sure they do the same when they do their blog post and if they submit to any wedding blogs. 

Thanks again for all your help. Everything came out great!

Thank you, 



Cathedral Lace Veil.  A cathdral lace wedding veil, 1 tier 104" long.  Veil is standard cut, standard fullness at the bottom (72" wide) with custom cut fullness of approx 18" at the top (to be very sheer).   Wedding veil has a plain/cut edging on the sides with lace starting approx 38" from the comb. Using French Lace Fleur de Lis, trimmed so it is narrower on the sides and widens to it's full width across the bottom of the veil. Lace veil isattached to a 4.5" metal comb that is wrapped in tulle.

"Hi there! 
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our wedding. I can’t thank you enough for making my gorgeous lace veil. The day was truly magical, and you helped make it possible!
 The attached pictures are from our photographer’s blog:
 Thank you so much!



Cathedral Lace Veil.  A custom cathedral lace wedding veil, 100" long x 90" wide.  Veil features lace edging 10650-01 all the way around going into edges of the comb. Lace veil is mantilla cut - with front edges in a rounded shape. Veil gathered onto a 3.25" metal comb. A blusher, 25" long, with a plain/cut edge is detachable by velcro.

"You did a wonderful job to take qualities of 2 wedding veils we liked and make one beautiful veil for my wedding.  I never would have thought I wanted a custom veil, but it turns out I did and OBridal was able to create it and make it affordable too!  Thank you, Kathy, for all your communications and hard work to make the dream of a long, lace wedding veil come true. I'll definitely recommend you in the future to any brides I know.

Thanks again, 



Lace Drop Veil.  A custom lace drop veil, total length of 150" long, 108" wide.  Veil features light Ivory lace edging 20949-09 all the way around, and the drop veil is attached to a 3" clear comb with 27" as the front blusher length. 

"Hi Kathy,

Here are photos of my custom lace wedding veil. It was beautiful and flowed just as I expected. Thank you for the advice regarding the lace trims, colour and working within my tight time frames. It arrived in great condition and held in place throughout the day. 

Drop veil with lace edge and blusher - 150inches.




Cathedral Lace Veil.  A cathedral lace wedding veil, 110" long, extra full.  Lace veil is mantilla cut with no gathering, has a lace edging 20958-00-White all the way around, lace appliques added along the trim at just the train of the veil (to make the lace thicker).  This lace cathedral wedding veil was attached toa 3.25" metal comb.

"Hi Kathy,

So my wedding is over and the lace veil was INCREDIBLE! It completed my look so perfectly. Everyone gave me so many compliments on it and asked me where I got it from. Thank you so much for all your help. I attached a few pictures.

Thanks again and I will definitely be referring everyone to your wonderful store for a custom wedding veil!




Cathedral Lace Veil.  A Cathedral lace wedding veil, 108" long, mantilla cut, extra full width.  Cathedral lace veil features lace edging LB511178 all the way around.  Veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb with little to no gathering.

"Hi Kathy!

I just want to let you know that my cathedral lace veil was beautiful. It was exactly how I imagined it would be, and it was absolutely beautiful with my dress. It was very easy to do business with you, and I knew I came to the right place when there were so many articles on fullness, length, cut, etc. . .

Thank you again!





Cathedral Lace Drop Veil.  A custom lace drop veil, total length of 114" long.  French Alencon lace (mailed to us by client) applied all the way around edging.  Drop veil with no attachment (used hair pins to pin in place).

"Here are photos of my cathedral lace drop veil!  I truly truly loved my wedding veil.  It was perfect!  Thank you again for all of your help with it!






Chapel Lace Veil.  A custom chapel lace wedding veil, 90" in length, standard fullness.  Veil features french alencon lace edging Tea Rose 10652-05 all the way around.  Chapel lace veil is attached to a 3.25" metal comb. 

"Thank you, Occansey Designs, for the beautiful lace wedding veil. The cathedral length lace-edge veil added elegance to our casual beach wedding.  At first, there are so many options that it really overwhelmed me. I was really appreciative that OBridal was more than happy about working within my budget for a veil of such length and was given a number of options that worked for me. I am also really glad that OBridal had such an informative website that helped me narrow down what I wanted in a wedding veil. Thanks again!"



Cathedral Lace Drop Veil.  A cathedral lace drop veil with a total length of 126". Lace edging all the way around. (Client purchased lace yardage and mailed it to us - 6+yards of trim to be cut and applied to back half of the veil. Appliques from the lace yardage to be trimmed and applied continuously to edge around front part of lace veil.  Cathedral lace drop veil attached to a 3" clear comb with approx. 28.5" for front blusher length.


Thank you again for the beautiful cathedral lace drop veil. Here are some photos!



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